Mark Your Calendars: Summer Institutes 2013


“Building District and School-level Leadership Capacity to Change Teacher Practice and Student Outcomes"
In the summer of 2013, NCDPI will feature their third round of intensive, blended professional development sponsored by Race to the Top (RttT) for LEAs and Charter Schools.

All NCDPI divisions, including Curriculum and Instruction, Educator Recruitment and Development, Digital Teaching and Learning (formerly Information and Technology), District and School Transformation, Career and Technical Education, Accountability, Exceptional Children, and Learning Systems will participate in and facilitate at the Institutes. NCDPI will provide a hands-on, highly engaging, two-day professional development experience that supports the transition to the new NC Standard Course of Study, the North Carolina Educator Evaluation System (NCEES), the State Accountability System, and Data Literacy.

Summer Institutes 2013 will feature an introduction to Home Base, NC’s statewide, instructional improvement (IIS) and student information system (SIS) for teachers, students, parents and administrators.

Attendance is expected from every district and RttT Charter School. This summer institute will illustrate how our initiatives connect within the Home Base system.

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