Understanding School-Based Accountability and Supporting a Balanced System of Assessments

Session Purpose/Overview

The purpose of this session is to provide an overview of the North Carolina Balanced Assessment System and the new accountability model.

Session Description

Join NCDPI staff in an interactive presentation and collaborative discussion on assessments and school-based accountability. Participants will explore formative and summative assessments, including common exams, interpreting data and reporting, and the role of each in improving instruction. A fully charged electronic device with wireless connectivity is necessary to participate in this session.

Session Objectives

Participants will:
Understand the Importance of Formative and Diagnostic Information
Understand Common Exams, Summative Assessment Data and their Relationship to Teacher Effectiveness
Understand the Use of Assessments and Data for School Accountability

Learning Outcomes

After the session participants will:
Work with LEA leadership to ensure that the North Carolina Balanced Assessment System (formative and summative assessments) is appropriately utilized in all schools.
Develop and implement a plan to disseminate the information on the accountability model to all stakeholders.


The following will be needed to fully participate in this session (please complete in advance where applicable):
  • An NCEducation username and password
  • A fully charged electronic device with wireless capability
  • Completion of Common Exam Concerns Google Doc (directions below)

Common Exam Activity
Now that you have gone through the Common Exam process, you may have some concerns or issues. Click the link to access the Google Doc for your Summer Institute. On the document, please record any concerns or areas where you need assistance.


Below is the PowerPoint for use during Summer Institute. (This is subject to change if the General Assembly passes any legislation that impacts the presentation.)