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Teacher Leaders

Ten Roles for Teacher Leaders

This is an article from Ed Leadership that discusses 10 different roles for teacher leaders.
Teacher Leader Model Standards

This website houses the Teacher Leader Standards.
"The teacher leader standards are an example of a state-led initiative to differentiate roles for educators to find more effective ways to ensure students graduate from high school ready for college and career and a life as a productive citizen." ~Gene Wilhoit, Executive Director, Council of Chief State School Officers
Building Teachers' Capacity for Success: A Collaborative Approach for Coaches and School Leaders

An ASCD book that looks at how to build capacity in teachers for school improvement
-Some of the book is visible online but ASCD premium members have access to the entire book.
Edutopia Teacher Leadership Blog

This blog on Edutopia highlights teacher leadership. There are some great posts that give ideas for Teacher leadership.
Teacher Leadership Framework

Educator Effectiveness

Evidence of Effectiveness

This Learning Forward article shares case studies from states and districts as they implement higher standards. Examine the common themes that are leading to increased student achievement.
Fidelity Check Resources

Many of these resources will still be applicable for Summer Institute. It will be unlikely that all participants have viewed all documents. As we draw closer to SI 13, we should mine this site for resources that will support our purpose.
Professional Learning Standards

Building Capacity Toolkit

Professional Development

8 Smooth Steps

This article offers assistance for professional development designers and facilitators to evaluate the impact of PD on student learning and teacher actions.

Content Areas

Digital Teaching and Learning

Arts Education

This wiki is intended to be a resource for arts educators, administrators, institutions of higher education, and other interested parties. It contains links to standards, instructional tools, professional development, and other resources related to implementing the NC Arts Education Essential Standards. Arts Education leaders are encouraged to browse, reference, download, share, discuss, and adapt resources.

Standards for Mathematical Practice

NSTA Webinar "Questions, Claims, and Evidence: The Important Place of Argument in Science Writing"
Fillable Fishbone

Guidance and School Counseling

Link to Guidance and School Counseling Facilitated Team Time Resources

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