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Does Diversity Make a Difference in College Classrooms
How important is cultural diversity at your school?
Addressing Diversity in Schools: Culturally Responsive Pedagogy
Creating Culturally Responsive, Inclusive Classrooms
Culturally Responsive Classrooms A Toolkit for Educators
Teaching Children to Value Diversity

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Culturally Responsive Teaching
by kristaroseruane on Mar 06, 2012

Culturally Responsive Teaching
How teachers can make their classrooms more culturally sensitive and culturally responsive. This presentation was prepared as a group project for a class on Diversity at Broward College

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Diversity in the Classroom
Bully Official Movie Trailer

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The Benefits of Diversity in Education for Democratic Citizenship

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US Department of Education: Office of Civil Rights Guidance
The Center for Diversity in Education
The Center for Diversity Education has worked in K-12 schools throughout Western North Carolina since 1995. All programs directed at K-12 schools connect to the North Carolina Essential Standards and Common Core. Programs through the Center help teachers meet Standard II of the NC Teacher Evaluation Process. In the 2011/2012 school year, the Center worked with approximately 10,000 students and teachers in 9 counties in Western North Carolina.

Diversity in the Classroom
Activities and teaching methods for parents and educators to promote racial awareness, deal with insensitivity, teach kids to resist bias, celebrate different holidays, talk about linguistic and cultural diversity, and help children learn responsible behavior.
Diversity Youth Programs

Teaching Tolerance Classroom Resources

Appreciating and Valuing Diversity

The Bully Project Tools and Resources
At the heart of preventing bullying and cruelty is creating strong, caring school communities and families. The BULLY Project has partnered with a remarkable list of educational experts to help you along the way.

Asian/Pacific Studies Institute at Duke UniversityThe Asian/Pacific Studies Institute offers support for teaching East Asia. The center runs teacher workshops and book clubs, and offers online resources, lesson plans, and a resource lending library

Carolina NavigatorsThis program of UNC’s Center for Global Initiatives makes available culture kits with lesson plans. Teachers can arrange a classroom visit from a student who is from or has lived in the country the class is studying.Center for European Studies and European Union Center of Excellence at UNCThe centers offer European films to borrow and downloadable texts on the European Union for young readers in French, German, and Spanish. The EUCE database offers standards-based lesson plans for teaching the EU for teachers across the curriculum.Center for Slavic, Eurasian, and East European Studies at UNCThe center offers online resources on Russia, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia. The outreach page on the website provides links to map and language arts lesson plans, information about cultural traditions, food, music, and folklore.Institute for the Study of the Americas at UNC and the Consortium in Latin American and Caribbean Studies at DukeBoth offer culture kits, traveling exhibits, and a lending library for books and films. Outreach supports book clubs, and offers curriculum for teaching Latin America.North Carolina Center for South Asia StudiesThe NCCSAS offers workshops, lesson plans, and support in starting a book club. Look for contemporary cultural images both online and available for borrowing.
Montgomery County Schools Cultural Education Plan (Research Based)
National Center for Culturally Responsive Education

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