VI. Determining The Best Technology For The Activity Type 10:50-11:15 (25 minutes)

At your table you will find an envelope containing slips of paper representing information from the 3 components of TPACK along with a gameboard.
    • “C” - different content areas (SS, SCI, ENG, MA, ART ED, etc).
    • “P” - various pedagogical strategies (collaborative learning, PBL, research, learning stations, seminars, etc.).
    • “T” - different types of technologies (blogs, wikis, docs, etc).

The Goal!
  • The goal of this exercise is to give participants the opportunity to determine the most EFFECTIVE technology type that will align to the activity selected by the teacher.

Let's practice!
  1. Empty the envelope and, as a group, work to organize all of the pieces into 6 sets that align the content and pedagogy with the technology that could be used.
  2. Discuss the importance of the "activity type" in the decisions your group made about the technology choices selected for each of the 6 sets.
  3. Keep in mind that, although some of the technology choices could be used to fit multiple activity types, this exercise has been designed to allow you to use a technology decision once in an effort to encourage the consideration of a variety of technology choices.
    • Note: There are more game pieces for the activity type and technology choices than will be needed. Not all pieces will be used.


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