Design Studios Sessions

"Design Studios" Sessions

(3-hour sessions)
(Sessions are repeated on Day 2) - TOTAL 12 sessions

1. Analyzing Student Work to Change Teacher Practice
(Analysis of Student Work Process for Traditionally Non-Tested performance-based or service-based areas)
2. Building Career Pathways that Lead to College and Career Readiness
(Career-Technical Education focused content)
3. Building Instructional Capacity Utilizing NC's Home Base ©
(Rigor, Student Engagement, Instructional Resources, Teaching and Learning)
4. Building Professional Development Capacity
(Systems, Processes, PD Planning, Guskey)
5. Connecting to Serve ALL Students
(Exceptional Children, Universal Design for Learning, Multi-Tiered System of Support, ELL)
6. Differentiation and the Power of the P21 Framework
(Differentiation, Global Skills, Digital Teaching and Learning)
7. Informing Instructional Improvement Through Data Literacy
(Analysis, Assessment, Instructional Decision-Making, Question Posing, Using Title I/II data, Problem-solving, Inclusion practices)
8. Previewing NC's Home Base ©
(Overview and Guided Hands-on Exploration of Home Base)
9. Understanding School-Based Accountability and Supporting a Balanced System of Assessments
(Reporting, Online Assessments, Common Exams, EVAAS, Formative, Summative, SMARTER Balanced Assessment Consortium)
10. Using Quality Rubrics to Evaluate Resources
(OER Rubrics, Tri-State Rubrics)
11. Using the NC Educator Evaluation System
(Observations, Educator Growth, Fidelity, Teacher Evaluation Standards)
12. Using the TPACK Toolkit to Inform Digital Teaching and Learning
(Digital Teaching and Learning, Embedding ITES Standards)