III. Deeper Dive into TPACK Components 9:30-10:00 (30 minutes)

To better understand the components of the TPACK framework, let's take a few minutes and explore a few resources for each component using the Jigsaw Approach.

Content Defined


Pedagogy Defined


Technology Defined

"Best Tool"

Teaching Strategies

Tools for the 21st Century Teacher
21st Century Skills
Activity Types
Tools A to Z
Framework for Thinking

Strategies for Teaching Social Studies

Web 2.0 for the Under 13s Crowd

Jigsaw Cooperative Learning Technique

Directory of Learning and Performance Tools


Discovery Education Web 2.0

Socratic Seminars xxxx

Go 2 Web 2.0 xxxxxxxx


HCPS - Approved Web 2.0 Tools

Share at your table a few resources that you found will be helpful to you as you design lessons using the TPACK framework.

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