Listed below is a brief explanation of what each group did to learn about their topic. Click on the links below to see the results from each of the different activities that were completed.

SMART Goals - Participants had to take 3 goals that were not in the SMART format and make them "SMARTer." Click here to see their goals.

Assessment - Participants were asked to explore various assessment strategies to find strategies that would provide meaningful data to help with differentiation. Click here to see the strategies they chose.

Globalization - Kim Cofino wrote a wonderful blog post entitled, How to Connect Your Students Globally. Participants read her post and then explored the sites mentioned in the blog. They shared resources that they found to be helpful. Click here to see the resources participants felt would be helpful.

Differentiation - This section gave participants a plethora of resources, both traditional and web 2.0, to explore. They shared the resources they found that would meet specific learning needs of their students. Click here to see the resources that participants will use to meet the learning needs of their students.

Critical Thinking - One of the ways to get learners to think critically is by asking good questions. In this activity, participants were required to read a text exemplar, decide what questions they would ask students about the text, plot those questions on a Revised Bloom's Taxonomy chart, and revise their questions. The revised questions were shared. Click here to see these revised questions.

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