Building Instructional Capacity | Utilizing NC’s Home Base ©

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Session Description

Join NCDPI staff for a workshop-based look into building instructional capacity through the use of Home Base assessment and data tools. Participants will explore ways in which Home Base can assist them in identifying students’ areas of need, enabling them to create highly focused instruction, remediation, and enrichment opportunities. Participants will experience the capabilities of Home Base from the perspective of a student, a researcher, and a reflective practitioner. Participants will discuss ways in which LEAs can use the assessment and data tools available within Home Base to provide professional development for classroom teachers. A digital device (such as a laptop or tablet) is required for this session.

Session Objectives:

Participants will be able to...
  • Describe the use of data for instructional intervention

  • Find and select appropriate resources within Home Base ©

  • Describe the process used for selecting Home Base © materials

  • Develop a PD plan for building instructional capacity in your district


Please read with a focus on the teacher section.
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