In this part of the session, I can:
  • Create a plan for data analysis and measuring the SMART goals.

Activity: Review Your Data Action Plan (5 minutes)

1. The last step involves asking the question - What does the data tell us? Although you will not be able to answer this question until data has been collected and analyzed, you can begin to consider what will happen next.

2. Reflect on the following questions and make any notes you feel necessary in the Next Steps section of the Data Action Plan.
  • Do we sustain change across school years, or do we only consider one school year at a time?
  • Have we looked back at other school improvement efforts from our past to identify what has worked, and what has not?
  • Are we anticipating pitfalls?
  • Do we keep ourselves in a reactive state, or do we look forward in an effort to anticipate future changes?
  • Do we have the right people at the table?
  • Do we recruit the people we need from other stakeholder groups?
  • Do we take time to celebrate our gains?

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Data Analysis Resources

Analyze performance data of all students professional development
Sample Data for 3 Point Rule Activity
3 Point Decision rule activity

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